Treatment Options

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What services and treatment options do we offer?

MVP Chiropractic provides patient specific treatment plans that incorporate the use of chiropractic, physical therapy techniques, nutritional and ergonomic counseling, and home exercises to provide the most time efficient and effective plan to treat patients with a variety of conditions. We offer individualized care and implement customized treatment plans based on your specific symptoms.  Please take a look at the many treatment options we provide below.

How long will it take to see results?

Results are dependent on severity of condition, dedication of treatment, and treatment options. Severity is different with every patient and is usually based on how long someone has had particular problem and their overall health.  Dedication to treatment is how compliant a patient is to make dietary changes, postural corrections, consistent with exercises, and presenting for care.  Treatment options is important to make sure patient is getting the correct passive and active modalities during the correct stage of care to improve patients at the quickest rate possible.  In many cases, patients and therapists want to move too quickly and may have setbacks which increases the overall time till maximum improvement.  Our programs our designed to avoid these setbacks and get patients back to what they love doing the most at the quickest rate possible.