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How can a chiropractor relieve neuropathy symptoms in my feet?

A woman recently came to consult with my colleague and I for burning and stabbing pain in both feet which has been present daily for months. Before coming to see us she had gone to her podiatrist who diagnosed her with tarsal tunnel syndrome on both sides, which is a common diagnosis for a bilateral foot neuropathy. Tarsal tunnel syndrome is when your nerve is being pinched in your ankle, in the “Tarsal Tunnel”. The pinching can cause all of the neuropathy symptoms the patient was experiencing. This is a great diagnosis for this specific case, I agreed with the podiatrist that the patient had tarsal tunnel syndrome.

Should I get surgery for neuropathy symptoms?

The podiatrist recommended surgery on both ankles in order to create more space in the tunnel for the nerve to pass. While surgery is sometimes the best option, as chiropractors we have many tools to treat problems such as this without drugs or surgery. For this patient I determined that adjusting the joints of the ankle and foot would help to create more space, and gentle mobilization of the nerve along its path from the knee to the foot would help to relieve tension and reduce inflammation. After 10 minutes of treatment, she had complete relief of her burning and stabbing sensation that she had been experiencing for months! By continuing with the stretches, and addressing other functional abnormalities in her back, hip, knee and feet this woman should be able to completely alieve herself of her neuropathic pain, and prevent it from coming back without drugs or surgery

What is the most common cause of neuropathy?

The most common cause of neuropathy in the feet is due to diabetes. Dr. Smitherman has treated and reversed neuropathy in many patients with nutrition, supplements, botanical medicine, and physical medicine with great success. Diabetic Neuropathy does not have to be a lifelong problem. Many patients can experience significant relieve, or even full reversal under the proper management.

If you are suffering from similar symptoms and don’t want to continue living in discomfort, book your appointment today!

Dr. Smitherman has a doctorate in Chiropractic Medicine, as well as a Master’s degree in Nutrition and Functional Medicine. In addition, Dr. Smitherman has a second four year doctorate degree in Naturopathic Medicine.

A special thank you to my colleague Dr. Sharon Borkowski for bringing me in to contribute to this case.

Dr. Steven Justin Smitherman, MVP Chiropractic as a Chiropractor and Master, Functional Medicine

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