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Why should I be taking whole vitamins over synthetic vitamins?

Whole VS Synthetic vitamins is a topic we go over daily with all our clients. It is important to get your vitamins from a whole food source. This means the actually plant, fruit, vegetable or root. When we are not able to get it directly from the whole food source in our diet then it is important to supplement with whole food vitamins. Most Americans do not get the nutrition we need in our diet. If your diet does not consist of mainly fruits, vegetable, and nuts then you need to supplement your body to give it the ammunition that it needs to heal your body and fight infections. Also, if you are not getting organic produce then you are most likely putting extra toxins and preservatives in your diet that you will need to filter out later as well. Even if you eat organic, our agricultural system is focused on finding a way to create a bigger and more beautiful fruit or vegetable. They don’t necessarily care about how many vitamins are in each apple or banana but how to keep it looking the best and on the shelf the longest. Over time the typical fruit or vegetable has about 25% of what it did 20-25 years ago.

Synthetic vitamins are usually only a portion of the vitamin. Your body either needs to come up with the missing parts of the vitamin or just excrete the vitamin entirely. Synthetic vitamins are also causing side affects in our population as well. This is mainly due to our bodies trying to use a vitamin or recognizing that we have enough of the vitamin and excreting the actual vitamins we are getting from our diet. Essentially blocking the real vitamins from being absorbed and utilized within our system.

We typically recommend Vitamin D, a Multi Vitamin, Cod Liver Oil, and Joint support to most of the patients coming into our clinic. This has a profound affect on getting patient better quicker. Most Chiropractors and certainly Functional Medicine Doctors understand how allergies, diet, activity, and hydration can all affect how we heal. I hope you understand why you should take Whole VS Synthetic vitamins. Schedule a consultation to find out what vitamins would be right for you!

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