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What insurance carriers does MVP Chiropractic accept?

MVP Chiropractic accepts a most insurance carriers. Most insurance plans have coverage for chiropractic and physical therapy. Do not be discouraged about booking an appointment if we do not show up in your network. Most carriers have policies that have in network and out of network benefits. If you are a new patient, please bring your insurance card and ID on your initial visit. If you are unsure if we do take your insurance or have any questions, please give us a call at 815-717-6483 or email us at Below is a list of common insurance carriers that we take. Click the links below to see what specific doctors accept each insurance at our Chicagoland locations.

List of insurances that MVP Chiropractic accepts:

List of commonly used insurance terms that you may see:

Deductible: Amount of money that you are responsible to pay out of your own pocket before insurance will start paying for care.

Copayment: Amount of money that you are responsible for each visit after deductible has been met.

Effective Date: This is date when insurance becomes effective or active.

Limits/Maximums: How many visits or maximum amount that insurance will cover in a year.

Office Visit: Coverage for exam and re-exam services that are done on initial visit and every  4-6 weeks of care.

Therapy Coverage: Coverage for chiropractic and physical therapy services.

Out of Pocket: Total coinsurance and copayments that you would need to pay before your insurance will pay at 100 percent.

Preauthorization: Paperwork insurance needs to review and approve prior to paying for care.

Referral:  Document that your primary care physician needs to give you prior to your insurance approving and paying for care. This is required with all HMO policies.


List of common documents you may receive in the mail from your insurance or from MVP Chiropractic.

Common Insurance Definitions Table

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